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Slightly Unrefined Ventures (SUV) was founded as a Vehicle–no pun intended–for helping small businesses transform into successful enterprises. At SUV, we are here to help you, your business, your family, and your employees to take things to the next level and enjoy your daily grind again.

Whether through entrepreneurial coaching, consulting services within your business, or investing and/or assisting in raising capital (or, hey, a combination of them all), we at SUV are excited to have you join the team. 

What SUV Can Offer You

Grow Your Business

Feel like your business development and growth has plateaued? We can help. We provide highly unique insight into your business and provide customized advice to help boost your business.


Capital Investing & Raising Funds

Whether you are looking to take some chips off the table as a longtime owner, need cash to fund inventory, equipment or expansion, or need a really creative or custom exit strategy, SUV has been there and wants to help you.


Build an Experienced Team

A trustworthy, reliant, and hardworking team is the backbone of any business. We help you gather the ideal group of people that are perfect for your business's aims and visions.

Increase Your ROI

We help you understand what factors contribute to your ROI. Then, we provide coaching and consultation to solve the problems, improve these values, and increase your overall return on investment.

Your Business Investment starts with us

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At SUV, we’re here to help you take your business, family, and employees to new heights and enjoy the daily grind again.

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